12 Celebs Caught Lying

We’re beginning to think they enjoy the rush of getting caught.
12 Celebs Caught Lying

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Famous people are constantly in the public eye and subject to a ton of scrutiny. Since they can't get away with anything, you would think that would prevent them from telling ridiculous, easily-refuted lies. Yet apparently they try it all the time. And they keep getting caught.

For example ...

Taylor said she wanted to be excluded Suft from the narrative in Famous but was called out for lying by Rimkardashian via Snapchat. Kanye West appar
RAGKEDOON Paris Hilton claimed that the selfie was invented by her and Britney Spears back in 2006. Paris Hilton Fnlw aPuarishhton 11 years ago today,
Promoting his 2009 book Behind the Bell, ostensibly about the seedy behavior of the cast of Saved by the Bell behind the scenes, Dustin Diamond said h
Justin Bieber's Instagram post New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful. made many believe that he'd bought the plane. The truth is, he only rented
Rapper Bow Wow posted on Jnstagram that he was flying to NYC, and included this shot of a private car and jet on the apron. shadmoss Travel day. NYC p
You might have heard that Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment is a myth... but do you know who started it? BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIMSELF He made the whole
While auditioning for Elizabeth , Eddie Redmayne led the director to believe he was an experienced horseback rider. He got the part and the truth came
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claimed that the Petro, a government sponsored cryptocurrency, raised over 700 million dollars for its ICO on its
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Terrence Howard claimed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from South Carolina State University. Uh, no. It was an
In her interview in January 2013, Miley Cyrus shocked the fans by saying she and Liam Hemsworth were married. That turned out to be a lie. Later that
In 2014, Joaquin Phoenix went on David Letterman's show and announced that he had proposed to his yoga instructor and that they were getting engaged.
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