The Moment You Knew Your Relationship Was Over

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The Moment You Knew Your Relationship Was Over

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Being in a relationship is great. Until it stops being great, and you start to wonder if it's time to move on. That's a pretty sticky situation to be in, so we asked our readers to come up with clear-cut signs you can use to know when it's time to put a fork in your relationship.

CRACKEDCON It was definitely over when he started hitting on other women.o in front of me, while we were on a date.
I knew it was over when he asked me to get pregnant, not because he wanted a baby, but to prove my love. When I said no, he made a list of my friends
It was the beginning of the end when she kept on bringing up the fact that she is way older than me and how short I am compared to her. CRACKED CON
I KNEW IT WAS OVER when she confided in a mutual friend that she wished it was easier to tell someone she wanted out when she knew I was in earshot.
I knew it was over when he told me not to comment on his business Instagram posts. I instinctively knew he didn't H eanwo OTIon nes analona want to ru
The epiphany that my depression was making hers worse, while hers was making mine worse was awful, but I couldn't unring that bell.
When he and some of his friends showed up at my work and began goofing off like a bunch of clowns and instead of being amused, T was annoyeds I knew I
CRACKEDOON I realized it was time to end it when she introduced me to her eX as her friend.
A few months in, he asked me a trivia question to win' a date with him. My answer was: We're over.
CRACKEDCON When my partner answered my question with it's none of your business, then I knew the relationship was about to close down. Nobody says t
CRACKEDcO 0 knew it was over when, after I joked about feeling ugly, he responded: If ugly, you were date you. I wouldn't (Genuinely thinking he was
She'd left me before but always came back. But when she took the dog, I knew it was for good.
GRACKEDCON I knew it was ouer when she suggested an open relationship
E knew our days were numbered when every time I went oUT with friends, one or more of her friends just happened to be at the same place.
I knew the end was near when his Xmas gift to me was a signed & framed photo of his favorite actor.
I knew it was over when my wife would be late getting home from work, and I'd find myself wishing she'd never come back. When she did finally arrive,
I knew it was over when I said I love you and for the first time in years, she didn't say it back.
When she brought home dinner for just herself, I had a feeling that things Dinner for one. were Get your own, going losey south.
I knew it was over when watching him eat filled me with... DISGUST.
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