Celebrities Whose Parents Should Be The Famous Ones

These parents make their famous kids look like slackers.
Celebrities Whose Parents Should Be The Famous Ones

You’d think that a famous Hollywood star would always be the most impressive person at their family reunion or holiday dinner. However, it turns out that a celebrity's parents are occasionally way cooler than their famous offspring.

Pretty much every single adult has a time when they realize their family are just human beings with feelings, opinions, as well as dreams that have little to do with any of us. It might not even feel like a life-changing epiphany, and it must be particularly weird for superstars with successful parents.

The music industry is much smaller than what you would believe. It's a business where someone who we know matters a lot, but it sometimes gets down about who you're connected to. With that said, each of these stars has established themselves in their very own manner. In the Film industry, it isn't always easy to determine who relatives are and who are not. In every case, these celebs had parents who led very different–but equally impressive lives in other fields.

Scroll on for some wild examples of mega famous, talented folks with incredibly talented parents.

Kanye West's father was the first black photojournalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. AACKPANTHER PARTY Ray West was a Black Panther Party mem
Glenn Close's father helped contain the Ebola outbreak in Zaire. During the '70s, Dr. William T. Close was the personal physician of former DRC Presid
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Famous since childhood. thanks to the multi- million-dollar trust fund battle between her
Chris Hardwick's father was a champion bowler. At 22 years old, Billy Hardwick became the youngest Professional Bowling Association (PBA) Player of th
The late Anton Yelchin's parents were beloved Soviet ice skaters. LA DOG ULOHA D Viktor Yelchin and Irina Korina were the stars of the Leningrad Ice B
Monkee Michael Nesmith's mother invented Liquid Paper. LiQl Mid Pa Bette Nesmith Graham created the office staple after the advent of electric typewri
Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd's father was once the Marlboro Man. avori is. Chuck Boyd was one of many actors to portray the iconic tobacco figure of
Uma Thurman's dad is the first ordained Western Buddhist monk. Robert Thurman met the Dalai Lama in 1962. Years after being ordained, he offered up h
Paul Reubens' dad was a founder of the Israeli Air Force. Milton Rubenfeld was a U.S. Army Air Force stunt pilot during WWll. When the Arab-Israeli Wa
Celebrities Whose Parents Should Be The Famous Ones
Paul Giamatti's dad was the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Angelo Bartlett Giamatti gave up his academic profession as the president of Yale U
Jack Black's mother worked on the Hubble Telescope. aulb Judith Love Cohen graduated with a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from USC in 1957 a
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