14 Disastrous Misunderstandings, Thanks To Social Media

It’s honestly amazing that anyone manages to communicate at all.
14 Disastrous Misunderstandings, Thanks To Social Media

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Something like 75 percent of our interaction now takes place online. And since we're pretty much all trying to communicate without the benefit of being in the same room together, misunderstandings and mixups are inevitable. We asked our readers to give us their most frustrating examples, so we could all commiserate.

This contest is the brainchild of ShortUsername01, who we hope won't misunderstand what we mean by 'thanks for the great idea.'

My friend excitedly texted me about their sweet victory, and I replied with Really?? hoping for confirmation that he was not joking. We just WON fir
Searching for someone's profile. I accidentally posted their name as a status update. Deathpod Wednesday 38 *name of hot girl I know* Like Comment The
My girlfriend texted me a funny joke, and thinking one of my co-workers would enjoy it, I forwarded it to her, without realizing that my girlfriend ha
IWOo When the movie Aloha came out, in response to the whitewashing of the part-Asian lead character, being half-Asian myself, I posted this sarcast
I messaged a Facebook friend to ask how to donate to his charity, but I sent it to the wrong guy, who just happened to have a charity too. Conversatio
A bandmate posted a link to a video of his interview with a local TV station. Unrelatedly. I had a status making fun of social media humblebrags. Hi
I was Facebook messaging my female boss, joking about work, when I ended my text with this: She thought I was flirting with her and immediately rebuff
I posted as my Facebook status a quote from a novel about how my culture put too much emphasis on the young being respectful to the elderly but not th
I forgot to bring my phone to my son's play. So I asked my ex to send me her pictures. That night, I messaged her on Facebook, send pics plz. Her bo
My friend posted a link to his short story blog, and L, unaware that it was a meme used to mock boring exposition, commented, Cool story bro!. He la
My mom messaged me on Facebook COME HERE COME HERE PLEASEEEEE, CRACKEDCON SO thinking that it was an emergency, I rushed to her place two blocks awa
I usually hit Like on any photos my Facebook friends post, but I didn't know the Facebook feed was no longer in chronological order, meaning a photo
CRACKED CON My mother posted an unflattering picture of me on Facebook. I commented I want to die. I ended up sitting through a 30-minute lecture wh
My first post on a role-playing forum was as a spy character, where I offered a group dirt on one of their members. PROFILE INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL UNKNO
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