20 Insane Facts About Your Spending Habits

We’re just gonna say it. Your spending habits are weird.
20 Insane Facts About Your Spending Habits

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Buying stuff is our national pastime. But it isn't until you start digging that you realize just how bizarre our national -- and international -- spending habits really are.

20 Insane Facts About Your Spending Habits
Starbucks offers a program which enables frequent visitors to load money into an account against future purchases, to save time at checkout. They anno
Pas 11 Americans consume over one billion chicken wings each Super Bowl weekend.
The top 10% alcohol CRACKED COM drinkers in the US consume 74 drinks a week, or 10 drinks a day. Meanwhile, 30% of Americans don't drink at all.
In 2014 alone, people spent $1.33 billion on the mobile game Candy Crush Saga. Cang rush The money was spent on extra lives, extra moves, and boosters
Utah is the fidget spinner capital of the United States. INDUSTRL UTAH 1847 1896 In 2017, four spinners were sold online for every 100 Utah residents,
ill LOVENE More IIB than 9 million vinyl hr Do records were sold in 2017. Ml, Vinyl is the only music distribution format with You For increased sales
CRACKEDe TAR ARS 10 In 2016, $262.9 billion worth of Star Wars merchandise was sold. The most popular item is the lightsaber. More than 10 million are
Over 300 million Slinkys have been sold. If stretched, they could circle the Earth 150 times.
Between 2008-2016 Hasbro printed billion over 20 Magic: The Gathering cards. Kokusho. Virdlicare the Evening 000 Star Breeder Master Sahr. Endrek $pin
Around 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Colaa are sold each day. mm That's a bottle a day for a quarter of the world's population. CRACKED COM
950 million pounds of Play-Doh have been created since 1956. PlaDoA PlaU Doh PlaYDoh PlaDoh PlaYDoh PlalDo PlayDoh PlayDoh PlalDoh Plc That's enough t
In 2016 alone, the citizens of EU countries spent almost $500 billion on clothing and footwear. An average citizen forked out around $1000, which is m
-CRACKEDCON In the first quarter of 798,877 sold 2017 every day alone, 78.29 286 sold million every hour iPhones were sold, 554 sold each one every mi
Americans spent more than $28 billion on pet food in 2016.
7-Eleven has sold over 1.4 BILLION Slurpees since 1966. SLURPeE So Chill That's 4.6 Slurpees sold a second for the past 52 years.
CRACKED COM 5ILLDONMS BILLION CONDOMS are sold worldwide every year.
People spend about $1.3 billion annually on games they'll never bother to play. Basically, a lot of people's game folders would look like this if they
Despite its name, less than half of Dunkin Donuts' revenue comes from donuts. DUNKIN DONTS RIGa RUNS ON DUNAI Most of their revenue actually comes fro
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