45 IRL Killer Things People Actually Said


Ever been in a situation where you were left speechless, only to think of something awesome to say way after the point? These guys didn't have that problem. We asked you to bring us the best one-liners history has to offer and gave $200 to the winner …

The fact is, we’ve all suffered from the curse of the ‘wit of the staircase’--when we’d only thought of the perfect, scathing one liner with which to skewer our nemeses on the way out the door.  I guess that’s why we're not famous nation leading dynamos (as far as you know!). These men and women from the hallowed hall’s of history may have had their problems, but they did not lack for eloquence or timing.

They also didn’t lack for quick thinking people to remember and document their witty one liners and repartes.

So, join us if you will (and why wouldn’t you?) for a jaunt down the lane of some of the most epic one liners in history…

Entry by mkad

The first billion is a helluva lot harder. Oil tycoon T. Boone Picken's twitter response to the rapper Drake's tweet The first million is the harde

Entry by mand*

Sf you would not be forgotten, as S001 as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or Do things worth the writin. Benjamin rankli

Entry by sureal

Retreat? Hell, just got here! we -US Marine Captain Lloyd Williams when advised to withdraw by a French officer near ucy-le-Bocage, 1 June 1918 BATT

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