26 Celebrity Facts We Forgot About Until After They Died

Some celebrities take secrets to their graves. But not a step farther.
26 Celebrity Facts We Forgot About Until After They Died

Every year, we mourn the loss of great, renowned personalities and reflect somberly on their lives. And occasionally, as a result, we learn things about those folks that we didn't know before. It seems like as soon as a star dies, the internet is flooded with articles and lists of "little known facts" about them. We all forget about these celebrities until after they die. It seems like death brings a sort of morbid second fame! Here are some interesting facts about celebrities that we forgot until after they died.

There are some celebrity facts that we don’t seem to notice or remember until after the celebrity dies. These are the forgotten celebrity facts that we all laughed about, shared on social media, and generally just enjoyed. But now that they're gone, it's time to remember these celebrities for who they were in life - and not just what they did after they died. So here are six forgotten celebrity facts that we should all remember. RIP to these memorable stars!

Scroll down for some wild examples of celebrity facts we plumb forgot until the post mortem…

CRACKED co COM VER GOO'S LOVE WE DELIVER Joan Rivers supported God's Love We Deliver for decades. The charity delivers over 4, 000 meals a day to hous
Robin Williams was an avid gamer who enjoyed playing World of Warcraft, Portal, Half-Life and Call of Duty. He named his daughter after Princess zelda
CRACKED u 730 JJes Cailede omethiny ROmHd He Gene Wilder was Cne UMia known for his acting What Is This Thing Something to roles but also wrote Called
STANLEY KUBRICK 31at Awgust. 1956. Mr. Rom Caras. Polaris 29 Centtal ark Ne Yore24. Dear Revee Des LEL that the Tnain a pyehotie compter? I et Crsuibl
Heath Ledger was a great acto. Also.... He had a deep passioa for chess and was an accomplished playe
ACTOR MIGUEL FERRER was also a drummer who played with Bing Crosby, Keith Moon, and Seduction of the Innocent, a band composed of actors, writers, and
Freddie Mercury was a great lover of cats. loe In his house in London he kept up to 10 of them. His debut solo album, Mr. Bad Guy is dedicated to hi
THE AUTHOR OF JAWS WAS A RESPECTED MARINE CONSERVATIONIST. Peter Benchley dedicated many years of his life to educating the public about the dangers t
His name was Roger Ebert and he was an alcoholic. He became sober in 1979 thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.
CRACKED COM His BRADY BUNCH family knew it, but the public was floored to learn upon his death that ROBERt REED was gay and HIV:positive.
GRACKEDCOM Steve Jobs practiced Zen Buddhism during his time in India. t resonated with him SO much, he almost moved to Japan to keep practicing.
Leonard Nimoy once released an erotic photography book featuring plus-sized women called The Full Body Project, as a Response to the pressure women f
CRACKEDG COM Poco AERICES POCO PO ntamo THE FIRE FIGHTIN Comedian Phil Hartman had a degree in graphic design and designed over 40 album covers.
Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, was a paratrooper and demolition specialist during WWII, where he earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.
Bill Paxton had a musical side In the late 1980's, Bill Paxton and his friend Andrew Todd Rosenthal formed a new wave band called Martini Ranch. The m
Golden Girls star Bea Arthur was a strong advocate of homeless LGBT youth. She willed $300, 000 to New York's Ali Forney Center, which is using the
CRACKED CON Garry Shanding studied Buddhism, and helped found a monastery. He personally introduced the renowned monk Thich Nhat Hanh at a speaking ev
Prolific character actor HARRY DEAN STANTON was first and foremost a singer. As well as singing in .numerous movies and TV shows, he performed with Bo
Vidal Sassoon, a famous hairdresser, used to be a member of the 43 Group, an anti-fascist group dedicated to fighting fascist groups in London. Punchi
PATRICK SWAYZE WANTED TO PURSUE A CAREER IN BALLET. That's how he mEt his future wife, during dance lessons, making their love story eerily similar to
Hugh Hefner was a civil rights supporter before it was popular. Playboy gave a platform to many civil rights leaders like Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther
George Michael's philanthropic contributions were generous and personal. He was involved in a wide variety of organizations including famine relief, A
CRACKED.CON George A. Romero, the father of zombie flicks, actually got his first directing gig from Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers Gets a Tonsillectomy, di
John Lennon was dyslexic. NEW YORY LITY CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM The master of horror, WES CRAVEN, graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a master's degree in philosophy and writing, and worked as
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