26 Celebrity Facts We Forgot About Until After They Died

26 Celebrity Facts We Forgot About Until After They Died

Every year, we mourn the loss of great, renowned personalities and reflect somberly on their lives. And occasionally, as a result, we learn things about those folks that we didn't know before. It seems like as soon as a star dies, the internet is flooded with articles and lists of "little known facts" about them. We all forget about these celebrities until after they die. It seems like death brings a sort of morbid second fame! Here are some interesting facts about celebrities that we forgot until after they died.

There are some celebrity facts that we don’t seem to notice or remember until after the celebrity dies. These are the forgotten celebrity facts that we all laughed about, shared on social media, and generally just enjoyed. But now that they're gone, it's time to remember these celebrities for who they were in life - and not just what they did after they died. So here are six forgotten celebrity facts that we should all remember. RIP to these memorable stars!

Scroll down for some wild examples of celebrity facts we plumb forgot until the post mortem…

Entry by Ted E.

Robin Williams was an avid gamer who enjoyed playing World of Warcraft, Portal, Half-Life and Call of Duty. He named his daughter after Princess zelda

Entry by denzity007

Bill Paxton had a musical side In the late 1980's, Bill Paxton and his friend Andrew Todd Rosenthal formed a new wave band called Martini Ranch. The m
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