13 Perspective-Transforming Historical Photos


Perception is reality… well, sometimes. With some camera tricks and set-ups, certain landmark photos misled the public, were staged, or are outright fraudulent. Then there are some pics that only tell part of the story due to when they were taken or if certain images were just out of frame. Then there are ones that tell the true story.

Historical accounts could be altered if such photos were circulated more than other iconic ones we have seen multiple times in the news and on the Internet. The man standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square in 1989 would be a more powerful image if it revealed that he actually stood in front of over 20 tanks. Hitler would look more like the idiot he was if we saw photos of his his summer wear. 

Take a peek at over a dozen photos that will change your perception on various historical figures and events.

Entry by mkad

Former Vice President Dan Quayle has arguably suffered more grief than anyone else in history for spelling mistake that didn't result in larger misund

Entry by korbo

Aaleakes rl Leasad The original Tank Man is a great picture, but when we see this, we have to wonder why the people who decided to distribute the woul

Entry by bumbie

Suddenly CRACKED c he's not SO 46 scary now is he?
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