The 18 Most Insane Drug-Fueled Freakouts You've Ever Seen

PSA: Don't try any of this at home. Or anywhere.
The 18 Most Insane Drug-Fueled Freakouts You've Ever Seen

In case you haven't learned by now, drugs can make you do some pretty crazy, sometimes funny, more often than not dangerous shit. And, hey, that's pretty much what this article is about!

Oh and, doing our due diligence here, don't try any of this at home. Or anywhere, actually.

CRACKED.COM rrrrra in the middle of the night, I heard my neighbor loudly singing a drunken rendition of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow until he was d
One night my friend and I were waiting outside the bar for our ride when some dude who was high out of his mind literally jumped out of the bushes and
In high school I watched a friend take 17 200mg caffeine pilis at once. He sat stil for a few minutes, sat trembling for a few minutes more, then stoo
I was in a bar's bathroom when a clearly drunk man came in and chose the urinal right beside me. I tried to ignore him until he CRAUN handed me an emp
CRACKED.cO COM I drove my high-as-a-kite friend to the McDonald's drive thru because he wanted an ice cream. The cashier said the ice cream machine wa
I went to some taco place where I witnessed a drunk middle-aged man stumble his way to a young couple's table and shout at the young fella: WHY ARE Y
The 18 Most Insane Drug-Fueled Freakouts You've Ever Seen
A guy walked into our bar, started crawling on the floor and growled at people. I didn't know him, but a friend told me he was a regular and usually h
CRACKED.COM Early one weekend morning I was awakened by the sound of my house guest, a 20 year old man, watching Beauty And The Beast, belting out Be
I once watched my best friend drink half a bottle of Mezcal on the beach. He then ate the worm and removed his clothes SO he could swim in the ocean..
Once while I was working, a couple clearly tweaking on something rushed up to me and asked me to call the police. Alarmed, I asked them why. They told
When I was a barkeep at a local festival, SOME HIGH GUY BIT OFF A PART OF HIS FRIEND'S EAR. CRACKEDCON
Once my sister went home SO drunk she mistook the toilet forthe couch. She fellasleep sitting on the commode with the TV remote on her lap; meanwhile
CRACKEDCO COM A drunk co-worker once showed up in a Spyro the Dragon costume to rant about Game of Thrones in front Of the entire office. He said HBO
I don't need a ride, goddamnit!!! 7A443 71434 At 3:00AM 0 was woken up by a drunk young man yelling at a taxi. His friend was doing his best to assure
When I was a teenager working at McDonald's, a drunk man came in, looked at the menu and shouted, I'LL TAKE IT ALL! The manager thought it was a hol
GRACE I have a relative who's a meth addict, and he's been known to say and do crazy shit. Once I came over and he frantically told me how he wished h

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