Every family has something unusual going on with it -- this is undeniable to the point that if someone's family appears perfectly normal, well, that's actual really strange in it of itself.

But some families really go the extra mile to make things weird for everyone. For example ...

Entry by Karen Jones

CRACKED GOM Hfow do you take a child's pacifier away without making them cry? If you're my dad's family, you wait for a camping trip. Then you hide it

Entry by Michael Riel

With a five dollar buy in, my family watches HIS MEANS WARI Jeopardy every weeknight THE and we compete to see WHO can answer the most questions corre

Entry by Karen Jones

After meals at my grandparents' house, we didn't scrape our plates into the trash. Instead, any leftover scraps went into foil containers and were kep

Entry by PookieJones

MY PARENTS HID VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENTS OUTSIDE. They told me that we do it because sparrows get married the night before, and we should look for trac

Entry by Kevin King

25 (Weird)Things People Think Only Their Families Did

Entry by Metalhart

My Grandmother often spoke of the Heimer Dog A sentient German Shepherd she spoke with who would eat poorly behaved children. She would stomp and bark

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