17 Ways Retailers Are Trying To Rip You Off

We know you need more money for cat food and video games.
17 Ways Retailers Are Trying To Rip You Off

There are plenty of unscrupulous folks out there, shining their monocles or twirling their mustaches, looking to part you from your money by using every trick in the book.

Well, we aren't those people. We know you need your hard-earned cash for cat food and video games, which is why we want you to be on the lookout for things like ...

DON'T BUY video ames WHeN THEY FIRST come OUT. BPSA 254 M M -BP5A D. 25.4 DPIA BATTLE DEA Blood BATTI THE In just a couple of months most video games
AVOID BUYING 'ROUND-TRIP FLIGHTS. Airlines often charge more for one leg of your journey than the other, so if you're willing to shop around, travel
SHOPPING ONLINE? LOOK FOR THE LOCK. https:// A locked padlock icon next to the web address means any information you enter on the page is protected by
CRACKED COM Don't get tricked by yo-yo financing when buying a car. This is when a dealership pressures you to sign a new, worse deal on a car it alre
When abroad, pay using the local currency instead of your home one. Paying using your home currency will get you poor exchange rates and extra fees fr
Don't exchange currency at the airport if you can help it. Currency Exchange Travelex troved money hurd E WELCOME TO GLASGOW ARPORT Online collection
Renting a car? Don't forget bring your own toll transponder. wo E:ZPass ie ioii GA*81081723729* Most car rental companies will try to get you to use t
CRACKEDCON DON'T BE sean by Also FOOLED. ToNiel 20 ed 301 10987654321 First edition Edition First books hold a Sean higher value Copyright Copvright o
Don't rush into anything when choosing a new mechanic. Check online -RepairPal.com can give you an idea of how much most repairs should cost based on
If your car doesn't THIS SALE $ 4444 require GALLONS 2.659 premium PRICE PER GALLON S gas, don Gasoline t Regular buy it. PRICE PER GALLON S ALLTASS C
Don't buy large packs of refrigerated baby food. You're only supposed to feed babies small amounts at a time and you're supposed to throw it out withi
Buying a new car? Email as many local dealers as you can and ask one question: What is your best, out- SOLD the-door price on the 2018 Ford Motorwago
17 Ways Retailers Are Trying To Rip You Off
Manufacturers will take an everyday item like shampoo, other toiletries, and toys, make it pink or slap a frilly design on it, and charge more for it
Don't buy designer eadphones if you're looking for sound quality. While not terrible, designer headphones are marked-up because of their branding. You
17 Ways Retailers Are Trying To Rip You Off
CRACKED c COM U UBER Pay attention to surge pricing in Uber When you suspect that the fare is higher than usual, wait for a while before ordering. Ube

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