15 Historical Overreactions (To Everyday Things)

15 Historical Overreactions (To Everyday Things)

Remember when Facebook went and changed its layout and everybody lost their goddamn minds about it? But then everyone realized how dumb they were acting and got over it? Well, turns out that type of overreaction is nothing new, and things we now enjoy every day were subject to this type of stupid hysteria.

From umbrellas to coffee to bikinis, stuff that we encounter every day and think of as very inoffensive or controversial was once anything but. Yep, people are idiots. We can say that because we have the brains but honestly, what kind of culture loses its mind over soda fountains?

And that's far from the only instance - come take a walk through the annals of surprisingly not so long ago when reading in bed was thought to put you at risk of ‘serious moral failing.' Boy, so many authors today would have been ruined with just the beach as an approved place to read at night.

Entry by Sam Hurley

In 1878, the British Government looked into Edison's new invention, the lightbulb. They concluded that the idea was: Good enough for our transatlanti

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