18 Mic-Drop-Worthy Acts Of Sarcasm

Sarcasm can be a powerful weapon.
18 Mic-Drop-Worthy Acts Of Sarcasm

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword -- but we're going to go ahead and extend that to any instance when sarcasm works, its pure magic. Because the best way to shut someone down isn't by screaming or fighting -- it's by using biting wit to make them feel like a total germ. A small, pathetic, unloved germ.

You know, those barbs from which there there is no escape. They sting and stick to the prey, hard. It's poetry in motion, the kind of motion that crushes you like a grape and leaves you to think about it every night when you put your head on the pillow. 

In these digital times, there are just more ways than ever to clap back or settle a score that needs settling. And the thing is, those mic-drops never hit the ground - they're forever, not like those analog insults of old.

Here’s a collection of what we’re talking about…

When renowned street artist Banksy was rejected by the Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, he responded in true Banksy fashion and produced one of the b
0YOU WOULD PROBABLY HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE. That was Netflix's response to a user who sent them a thankful message on Facebook, wondering what she would
Ruling on a case where a man tried to avoid paying income tax by claiming wages were not income, appellate judge Frank Easterbrook wrote: Some pe
If this were a sci-fi melodrama, it might be called Speech-Zilla meets Trademark Kong. So wrote gth Circuit Court Judge Alex Kozinski, in the matter
Irritated that the very first question of an interview about her film was if she read the book or she's too busy to read. model turned actress Cara De
3AVV 26F CMAEO 4PC 6PR 3AW GPR 261 CAYT 20 EHARIM In February 2016, the Treasurer of Australia Scott Morrison used a unicorn metaphor in an interview
Just before the U.S. election results were announced, Royal Jordanian Airlines published this ad on Twitter. Royal Jordanian Follow eRoy yalJordanian
CRACKED SUNGLASSES 624. Actettadthe e: HANDBAG e32. Fot fe Contrasting the cost of things Westerners take for granted with what an equal amount could
In the presidential debate with Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale in 1984, when panelist Henry Trewhitt hit Reagan with the question about being too ol
At the Oscar nominees luncheon, a reporter told Emma Stone, You look beautiful, as always. Stone replied, Oh, thank you. That's all that matters.
Robert M. Lee was annoyed that his fellow security professionals didn't understand SCADA (computer systems for installations like satellites and nucle
CRACKEDCON While Hurricane Irene was battering the East Coast in August, 2011, Chris Brown tweeted: Please pray for Virginia. ...to which TV writer
President Obama notices Donald Trump in attendance during the 2011 White House Correspondents' dinner: Donald Trump is here tonight. Now I know that
REVII Responding to a harassing email, game developer Brianna Wu wrote: If you're going to be a pathetic dickhead -be the best dickhead you can be. D
My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. It is very nice now that when people wave at me they use all their fingers. -Jimmy Carter
A local attorney and season ticket holder, Dale O. Cox, wrote to the Cleveland Browns, threatening legal action because the team was not preventing ot
When a male reporter kept pushing Anne Hathaway about her feline fitness regime during an interview about The Dark Knight Rises, she responded thusl

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