23 Strange Assumptions Advertisements Make About You


Advertisers are loaded to the brim with information about their consumers. But more often than not, it seems like they disregard all those concrete numbers and throw any zany idea they have into production. We asked you to show us just what advertisers really think of us. Winner got $100 ...

Entry by Figgon

Upstairs Downstairs Washing your. hair is f%#cking awesome!!!

Entry by marikajean

Women sleep in full make-up GRAGKED.OOM

Entry by AM Smiley

CRACKEDCON Fight what ages you most. duliness. discoloration and spots. not just wrinkles ] Women SHOULDN'T age. OLAY FI Fearine DEH New Definity Deep

Entry by Tim Babb

IT'S normal to snuggle your toilet papero Also. bears s*t On toilets. not in the woods

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