23 Things You Didn't Realize Are Making You Sick

Everything in the world is out to destroy you.
23 Things You Didn't Realize Are Making You Sick

Everything in the world is out to destroy you. Why do we say that? Because germs exist and they apparently are hellbent on wrecking our world.

So before you go to touch, well, anything -- maybe just think twice.

BEWARE OF RESTAURANT MENUS. Menus RESTAURANT NAME When you eat out, abays fnech... afeays hot you should wash MAIN DISHES NAME your hands after OF NAM
CRACKED CHILDREN MAKE YOU SICK People living in childless homes get sick only 3-4 weeks per year. Adding 1 child to the mix increases everyone getting
Your fridge's water dispenser may contain an alarming amount of mold and yeast. CRAGA The E. coli, salmonella, and listeria found in dirty dispensers
When it comes to mascara, avoid sharing, and replace it every 3 months. Mascara can harbor bacteria and fungi which lead to infections such as pink ey
CRACKED cO New clothes can spread lice and scabies if they aren't washed before being worn. They can also inflict chemical rashes due to a commonly us
If you do yoga and constantly get rashes, blame your yoga mat. Your yoga mat is the prime recipient of your sweat, and its material, foam, is the perf
CRACKEDCOMT TV REMOTE CONTROLS ARE A HOTBED OF BACTERIA O TIVACO A study found that more than half of all the tested remotes had cold viruses on them,
Your shower head may contain bacteria similar to TUBERCULOSIS. Known as NTM, this microbe can spread through steam and water droplets, causes symptoms
Fresh laundry isn't as clean as you'd think. Because detergent alone isn't enough to kill bacteria, washing machines can end up riddled with germs tha
If your drywall was installed between 2004 and 2008 it may make you sick. The failure to remove sulfur and other contaminants from synthetic gyesum us
Do you often use the phone in the toilet? Bad newso Airborne germ particles caused by flushing can stick to your phone and sometimes live for days! If
Too many gin-and-tonics may be causing your hearing problems. CRAN Tonic water contains quinine, which can result in tinnitus, and difficulties in hea
CRACKEDCON Better give that pre-washed lettuce another good washing! Don't bother. Pre-washed lettuce is usually washed according to safety guidelin
YOUR KITCHEN IS MAKING YOU SICK. GRAU The germiest parts of your kitchen are the ones you don't think to clean, of course. Your immune system could be
HANDSHAKE A STRONG can transmit near twice as much bacteria compared to a weak one. Of the alternatives, the FIST BUMP is the least likely to get you
Don't pass the time at clinics by flipping through the magazines. Because they cannot be disinfected, magazines pose the risk of spreading C difficile
DO YOU EXERCISE OFTEN? YOU MAY WANT TO CLEAN YOUR WATER BOTTLE. Your reusable water bottle is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Depending on
Vacuuming can easily send dust and bacteria back into the air, spreading germs and allergens that can be hazardous when inhaled. Monitor the capacity
CRACKED.COM Escalator handrails are among the dirtiest things you touch every day. Tests have found food, E. coli, urine, mucus, feces and blood.
Worried about getting sick? Don't overdo it on the Vitamin C S prevention plan. Too much Vitamin C can cause nausea and diarrhea!
Had a sudden acne breakout? You can blame it on your pillowcase. Dirty pillowcases can cause acne mechanica, which is any type of acne that results wh
CRACKED CO Neglecting to wash your reusable grocery bag, as well as mixing meat and produce in the same bag may cause the growth of E. coli, leading t
Car dashboards are dirtier than you think 50 100 120 80 140 160 180. The air that comes through your car vent carries mold, which gets on the hot dash

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