19 Things You're Arguing About That Have Already Been Solved

19 Things You're Arguing About That Have Already Been Solved

A famous statement here in the States is "United we stand, divided we fall." Well, we've let a lot of petty arguments get between us and standing up straight. Fortunately, science has actually settled most of those disputes. Unfortunately, we doubt many people will actually care.

(Oh, and keep it clean in the comment section, folks.)

Entry by Yaznest

CRACKEDCON Brush after the Brush before the meals to wash meals to prevent away food damage to your particles teeth 0O After you eat, plaque bacteria

Entry by Maclise

I caught a cold. I don't want to exercise and make it worse. Come on! A cold isn't an excuse to not exercise. As long as the symptoms are above t

Entry by LilySprite

Don't dishwasher, use the that's waste of water! a Doing them by hand is worse! In order to use less water and still wash the same number of dishe

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