22 Ridiculous Places Right Here On Earth


Turns out there's a good chance you could probably simply walk into (a place that looks like) Mordor. Or, in fact, any place that you think only exists in fiction. Because for every fantastical place humankind thinks it can only imagine, Mother Nature is right there, flexing her muscles, and saying, "Hold my beer."

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Think whirlpools are a temporary, small- scale phenomenon? You're looking at a large, permanent one. This is the Corryvreckan Maelstrom, off the coast

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This looks like some sort of seashell. It's a rock formation in the Sahara desert. Officially known as the Richat Structure, the Eye of the Sahara is

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This sea foam definitely does not look natural. Except that it totally is. Phaeocystis-produced sea foam shows up every So often in the wake of big st

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This frozen tundra is protected by giant snow snakes! Actually, those are frozen trees in Finnish Lapland. Lapland is known for ferocious, driving sno

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This eerily glowing blue cave looks like a movie set. It's a volcanic ice cave in Iceland. It's the Crystal Cave of Svinafellsjokull, a 150-foot-long

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