15 Times Famous People Tweeted Super Incorrect Stuff

15 Times Famous People Tweeted Super Incorrect Stuff

Celebrities and other famous people have a giant audience and great outreach ability. This can be used for good in terms of them using their gargantuan social media following to promote vetted charities, items of interest that deserve a signal boost, or drawing attention to a societal problem that needs to be address. They can be incredibly noble and virtuous with their fame and access. They can also be incredibly stupid.

“Stay in your lane” isn't always good advice, but sometimes it is good advice. Like a famous film comedian probably isn't an expert on mercury for example. Or that a multi-millionaire actress probably doesn't have a clear understanding how food stamps work. Or that one particular scientists isn't good at other types of science. The point is that whenever you read a claim by a celebrity, do some extra digging.

So let's clear up some misconceptions that famous people have caused in 140 characters or less.

Entry by milito

15 Times Famous People Tweeted Super Incorrect Stuff

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