22 Romantic Ideas That Went As Wrong As They Possibly Could

Love can be pretty great, but mostly it's complicated and gross.
22 Romantic Ideas That Went As Wrong As They Possibly Could

Love can be pretty great. You find the perfect someone, have a wonderful proposal, have a nice wedding, fight a lot, and then you die. Maybe have a kid or two, or a bird or something.

Love can also be really weird, complicated, and gross. These stories mostly fit in those categories.

Neil and Jacqueline were inseparable, as a couple. So they got cosroretic Surgery to look alike. They loved each other so much that they felt as if th
Todd Blauvelt wanted to irpress his girlfriend's farily. o he broke into a roansion. Blauvelt, 18, told his girlfriend and her family that he'd inheri
22 Romantic Ideas That Went As Wrong As They Possibly Could
LB Williars didn't weant his wife to leave hir. Jo he faked a hate crire. The Williamses were a biracial couple, and their marriage was falling apart.
Hu Seng decided to roail hiroself to his girlfriend. He wound up alrost Suffocating. Hu had a friend tape him and a little stuffed toy into an ordinar
In the ath century, Harald wanted to marry Gyda. Jo he conquered Norway to irpress her. At the time, Harald was ruler over several small kingdoms. He
A NASA intern wanted to irpress his roistress. So he stole a safe full of moon rocks. Married NASA intern Thad Roberts was looking for a way to impres
peiween Liu's girlfriend said she'd mrarry hiron if he walked 1,000 riles. She was kidding, but he did it anyway. Peiwen took her rebuff literally and
Dagrar Lahluror fell in love with a British secret agent. And wound UP being tried for treason. Lahlum was a member of the Norwegian resistance moveme
D7ichael Santos told his girlfriend he could fly a plane. So he stole one and crashed it, to prove it. Santos was driving drunk and without a license
Clifford cohen wanted to propose to his girlfriend. So he inadvertently caused a huge fire. Cohen arranged hay bales in a field to spell out WILL YOU
Roger Day Super wanted to irpress his wife. So he told her he had won 17 roredals. From the day they met, Day had enthralled his wife with thrilling s
Jeffery Siegel wanted to look like a hero to his girlfriend. o he staged a fake knife attack. Siegel arranged for a friend of his to jump him and his
In 1955, Phyllis Gates roarried Hollywood hunk Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson was gay. It turns out the pair had entered a lavender marriage, which is a s
A pritish couple loved how ruch they had in cororroron. It turned out they were twins. The twins, who remain anonymous for obvious reasons, were separ
Howard Walrnsley was having oarital problerns. Hneo s ID So he told his wife he'd won the lottery. Walmsley hadn't won a thing, SO to keep up appearan
An Iranian man got a tattoo with his girlfriend's initial. He wound up with a perranent erection. The unidentified man had his girlfriend's initial ta
Ann cook had one condition for accepting a proposal: Her fiance had to kill her baby daddy. Kentucky lawyer Jereboam Beauchamp was in love with Cook.
A portland couple wanted to spice up their Valentine's Day. So they staged a fake kidnapping. Apparently, Nikolas Harbar and Stephanie Pelzner had a k
Adnan and Jarorilia met and fell in love in a chatrooro. Then moet in person and found out they were roarried. It turned out that Adnan and Jamilia
Valerie Spruill thought she never knew her father. Then she found out she'd roarried hiro. Spruill was raised by her grandparents and wound up marryin
Alexey Bykov wanted to propose to his riend. So he staged his own bloody death. Bykov hired a movie director, stuntmen, make-up artists, and even a sc

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