15 Characters We Loved As Kids (Now Are Cringe-y)

15 Characters We Loved As Kids (Now Are Cringe-y)

Did you recall enjoying your favorite cartoon as a youngster and noticing that you were concentrating excessively on one of the protagonists? Many of the heroes were fantastic, except for the one in particular who was incredibly intelligent, cool, and adept at defeating bad guys.

You certainly didn't even tell anyone, but maybe even developed a ‘lil crush? Embarrassing, we know. Yes, it was also based on an imaginary, maybe non-human Disney character. Who didn’t have a thing for Nala?

Cartoons are no longer just for children to watch on Weekend mornings over soggy bowls of cereal Many use witty comedy, more sophisticated protagonists, as well as deeper tales to captivate audiences of all ages, while others specifically target teenagers or adults, allowing them to deliver relatable, compelling, and amusing stories inside the world of cartoons.

Everything is destroyed by time. It can change mountains into dust, savannas into deserts, and, worst of all, it can turn renowned people's clichés and gimmicks into terribly laughable relics of the past.

For instance...

Entry by Oparpax

15 Characters We Loved As Kids (Now Are Cringe-y)

Entry by Kevin King

lean-Claude Van Damme was such a badass in Hard Target! That greasy mullet though, not SO much. CRACKED.COM

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