20 Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

20 Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

Whether you're a Sherlock Holmes fan or not, there's no doubt that humans are inherently inquisitive. Mysteries fascinate us all, but we're always enthusiastic about solving riddles whenever we come through them.

That's one of the major reasons why companies of all eras are becoming much more interested in escape games.

They allow you to put your investigator skills into practice while going to enjoy just one mystery-solving experience.

So what are the most vexing mysteries that no one has already become capable of solving so far?

There is much other stuff that has perplexed people for centuries, ranging from the Bermuda Triangle to Dark Matter to Jack the Ripper and the Dancing Plague of 1518, and many others.

We believe we have a good understanding of history. We also like to think we're pretty good at deducing clues. But when you combine the two, things get dicey. It turns out that history is full of creepy mysteries that will most likely never be solved.

As an example..

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The Namibian desert is pocked with circles where nothing grows. And none of the explanations hold up. The strip of giant dots runs for 1, .100 miles,

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In 1992, a Chinese villager siphoned the water from a pond. He discovered a network of caves nobody can explain. There are no documents whatsoever tha

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Strange lights appear in the sky over Hessdalen, Norwvay. And science can't figure out why. For decades, locals of the Hessdalen Valley in Norway have

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Jean Spangler was an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet. Until the day she digappeared. Spangler had just finished filming a bit part in the movie Young

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