25 Fan Theories To Make Good Things Better

Get ready to have your reality rattled to its core.
25 Fan Theories To Make Good Things Better

There are a lot of fan theories out there that either toe the line between "This is plausible" and "This is fan fiction. Also, why is the Green Power Ranger making out with Samwise Gamgee?"

But not these fan theories. They just make too much damn sense -- and not just because they don't feature sex with hobbits.

Isn't it weird how Ben Kenobi doesn't remember R2-D2? In fact, there is a lot of lore from the prequels that Old Ben has forgotten. On top of that, Be
Why are the Jurassic Park dinosaurs scientifically inaccurate? They're the wrong size, and don't have feathers. The story with Jurassic Park is that s
How did Doc rescue Marty in Back To The Future I? Biff is about to run Marty down and squish him under the tires of his muscle car when Doc saves the
In Full House, Danny is raising three daughters. JESSE DANNY JOEY Danny is widowed, and he and the girls live with his brother-in-law Jesse and, oddly
Spectre is much more upbeat than recent Bond films. James Bond is almost lobotomized by Blofeld, but somehow he breaks free from his restraints, shoot
In Avatar, Jake winds uP helping the Na'vi. Jake is under cover, on an intelligence mission to infiltrate and collect information on the Na'vi. But as
The Deadpool movie is a snarky mix of drama and satire. In it, Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall and openly mocks the superhero genre. And al
In Toy Story 2, we learn the sad story of Jessie. She was abandoned by a girl named Emily, and in flashbacks we see that Emily owned a red cowgirl hat
In Battlestar Galactica, four characters turn out to be secret Cylons. In the 2004 version of the series, Cylons look just like humans. They can even
In Jurassic World, Indominus Rex is incredibly smart. Indominus Rex is a genetic hybrid whipped up by scientists in a lab, and it's smarter than a rap
According to prophecy, Harry Potter will defeat Voldemort. The prophecy goes, The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches.. born to t
Disney's Haunted Mansion ride doesn't tell a story, right? It starts out with your ghost host saying that the only way out is to hang yourself. Then y
In Twilight, Edward can't read Bella's thoughts. Edward's a vampire; Bella is a human. He should be able to read her thoughts with ease. He also shoul
Skynet keeps failing to put a stop to the human rebellion. Throughout the Terminator film series, Skynet goes to ridiculous lengths to try to snuff ou
Aladdin's Genie makes a lot of pop culture references. The Genie has been trapped in his lamp for 10,000 years. When he pops out, he makes constant jo
Gargamel is addicted to catching Smurfs. Usually he wants to turn Smurfs into gold, but sometimes he just wants to eat them. The Smurfs are minding th
Ferris Bueller leads a ridiculously charmed life. When his friend Cameron is home sick, Ferris persuades him to get out of bed, steal his father's car
In Skyfall, Silva goes to insane lengths to get revenge on M. Former British agent Raoul Silva is so pissed at M that rather than just killing her, he
SpongeBob SquarePants has bizarre characters. SpongeBob is a talking, square sea sponge who lives in a pineapple, has a meowing pet snail and works in
Willy Wonka's factory is more than a little sinister. He takes the kids on a terrifying boat ride, and on the way he recites: Are the fires of Hell a
You never see the same kids on Sesame Street. The same adults stay on Sesame Street year after year. So do the puppet characters, who mostly seem to b
A Song Of Ice And Fire is fairly cataclysmic. It starts with the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros under Targaryen rule, like a beast with seven heads and se
25 Fan Theories To Make Good Things Better
Hans abruptly turns from hero to villain, in Frozen. Hans and Anna share some genuinely romantic moments, and seem to really click. If he were after E
In Batman V. Superman, Batman goes <ill-crazy. Batman breaks his no-kill rule so hard that it looks like he's having a psychotic break. He finds Robin

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