30 Eyebrow-Arching Factoids

Here’s your crash course in being interesting
30 Eyebrow-Arching Factoids

Business lunches, parties, first dates, second dates, all dates! There can be so much pressure to break the ice and have something interesting to say during such social events. You never want to be the quiet person at the party. That person doesnt get invited again. That person is always suspected of being a murderer. You dont want to be seen as a murderer do you?

So to help enforce your “non-murderer” persona, we’ve collected a bunch of intriguing bits of information and fun facts so you can share them freely and without the fear of being a suspect in a crime that you absolutely had nothing to do with. Check them out below…

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BLISTER BEETLE GRUBS POSE AS LADY BEES TO LURE MALE BEES TO INFEST. They clump together in a shape that resembles a bee, and then emit pheromones to a
We all know the stories about Honest Abe Lincoln and his log cabin. IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE TAUGHT All that g-splitting and cabin-building made Abraham
When a cat pees on your stuff, you might think he hates you. But the truth is, he's into you. An insecure cat wants to establish a bond with you, SO h
MYTH8 TO LOSE WEIGHT, cuT out ALCOHOL 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 FAGT8 women WHO DRINK ARE LESS LIKELY TO Be OBeSE. Studies have shown that women who c
The medical symbol Caduceus is actually the staff of Mercury, the Roman god of (among other things) merchants and thieves. It's possible that the Cadu
E.T. is about as family- oriented as an alien can get. Yet the movie was banned in Scandanavia. Kids from Sweden, Finland, and Norway were banned from
In the 4th century, a meteor streaked across the sky. It made Christianity the widespread religion it is today. In A.D., o-yet-emperor-Constantine w w
Lord Byron was one of the greatest British poets. He was a leading figure in the Romantic movement that took place during the first half of the 19th c
MYTH8 chocolate gets you in the rorood for love. FAGT8 But only if you eat an insane arount. Despite its association with love and romance, chocolate
The documentary White Wilderness captured lemming mass-suicides in action! WHAT THEY LEFT ouT Contrary to what the textbooks say, lemmings don't jump
Sesame Street teaches the alphabet and other kid stuff. It was banned in Mississippi when it came out. The problem? Sesame Street's portrayal of racia
Hans Lippershey is the inventor ofthe telescope. Lippershey, a Dutchman, applied for a patent in 1608. The Dutch government -HH refused his patent, an
MYTH8 BeeR GIVES you ABIG BELLY. FAGT8 SCIENTISTS HAVE FouND no LINK beTween BeeR DRINKING And THE BeeR BELLY. Abdominal obesity has everything to do
If we don't need an appendix, why is it there? Because early man ate more roughage. The widely-held explanation is that the appendix is an extension o
WWI Allied Commanders forbade troops from using parachutes. The commanders feared that parachutes would turn pilots into cowards, arguing that they'd
Sidney Gottlieb dosed strangers with LSD. Gottlieb was an American military psychiatrist who worked with the CIA during the Cold War. Gottlieb headed
X Henri Poincare was the foremost expert on relativity in the late 19th century and was a most likely the first person to formally present the theory
UFO ightings have been the stuff of legends gince the 19508. USAINY FORCE AIR US Right around the TiME of the Avro VZ-9AV Avrocar. It was a Canadian f
The entire crew of the Mary Celeste vanished without explanation, She was found completely intact but completely unmanned, sailing near the Azores in
You might like to gaze lovingly into your dog's eyes. Your dog sees that as a threat. Dogs avoid eye contact with one another, when they interact. If
The Ouija IPD Board is Ae M300 NOTH CAROLINA about aS CHEST COMMLINITY ancient and M320 AVENUE PENNSYIVANIA mystical aS LINE SHORT M20O Monopoly. H Ou
John Q. Adams thought the Earth was hollow. He greenlighted an expedition to prove it, at taxpayer expense. Adams. 2010 Memoirs ofJohn Quincy Adams.
Before Arlington became a national cemetery, it WAS the home of Robert E Lee. When Lee defected to the Confederate Army, he and his wife abandoned Arl
The word Fornication refers to having sex in a bread oven. In Roman times, Fornax was the goddess of baking and ovens. The name comes from the word fo
The Martian mythos exists because of a single letter. In 1877, Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli observed variations in the i terrain on Mars.
Sergei S. Bryukhonenko reanimated a dog head. He was a Soviet scientist during the Stalin era, and was working on the first heart-lung machine. So he
MYTHB Sex sells. FAGT8 Sex roakes people forget what you're selling. Studies show that people are half as likely to remember what was advertised in a
FAST FOOD SALADS ARE WORSE FOR YOU THAN BURGERS. 680 calories 36 grams of fat 780 calories 51 grams of fat For example, a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Caesar
ulusses S. Grant was famously modest. During the Civil War, he would shower inside his tent. HE MANAGED TO HAVE CHILDREN WITHOUT TAKING OFF HIS CLOTHE

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