They popular and trope-like term for relationships is “opposites attract” but any grown adult with a brain knows that's just plain not true. Sure, your best friend or romantic partner isn't exactly like you are (that would be a nightmare) but you have to have enough in common in order for it to last. Television and movies though, don't let realism get in the way of a good comedic duo or forbidden romance from forming onscreen. But you have to really stretch your brain to accept a lot of these “will-they-won't-they” relationships that really just be “shouldn't-ever.”

Some of the Friends shouldn't really be friends. The Hangover dudes probably would never drink together. Kermit and Miss Piggy would never have gotten together as a couple, beyond the biological issues of a pig and a frog becoming lovers.

Here's some context and details about those onscreen relationships and others that just wouldn't (and shouldn't) exist.

Entry by Andrea Meno

HOMALANO CARRIE + BRODY Even though nobody believed her, she was convinced he was a traitor plotting a terrorist attack. She didn't think twice about

Entry by PookieJones

In Seinfeld, George Costanza proposed to Susan Ross, and she said yes. Why would a rich and ambitious lady marry a neurotic idiot with anger issues?

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