12 Seemingly-Otherworldly Ways To Mess With People’s Heads

Step one to becoming a Jedi Master.
12 Seemingly-Otherworldly Ways To Mess With People’s Heads

Ever since we were kids, we’ve been messing with each other’s heads. It’s a natural part of growing up and learning how to interact with other people. And while some methods are more harmful than others, there’s just something satisfying about getting someone to believe something that isn’t true. In this post, we’re going to explore some of the ways you can mess with people’s heads – both subtly and not so subtly. So scroll down, have a laugh, and maybe try out a few of these techniques on your unsuspecting friends and family members.

Some are simple, and some are devious enough to make even the most seasoned hoaxers proud. So if you’re looking for a way to mess with your friends, family, or unsuspecting strangers, read on! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Jedi training procedure does not have to be as difficult as it appears in the Star Wars movies. The lightsaber and telekinetic nonsense may be difficult to pin down, but not the mind tricks!

Our youthful padawans, some of you, have arrived. Your training begins here.

WANT TO IMPRESS PEOPLE WITH EXPENSIVE WINE? DON'T HAVE THE MONEY? No problem! Just put cheap wine into an expensive bottle. Researchers have found tha
You can easily rewrite somebody's past to your advantage. Ask your friend to tell you, in great detail, about the day he graduated from school or coll
Exploit your friend's exhaustion for your own gains. People's mental strength shuts off when they're tired, so they will have a hard time screening yo
Want to make your friend 'cholze during a game? Be their supporter! Make it known to him that you are watching him. He will be self-aware and as a res
Link hands with your partner and tell them to tickle you. You Your Partner CRACKED.COM It'll have no effect! Tip: For added impact; tell them that it
Girls, try this on guys: CRACKEDCON 1. Stand two feet from a wall, then place a chair between You and the wall. 2. Bend over with a straight back unti
Careful when moving your hands around! 81 NA 8 If you gesture repeatedly to the left when thinking of some past event, slowly that event will feel fur
Put a brick into a cardboard box. Put an equal size brick into a smaller cardboard box. Ask someone to pick up both boxes and tell you which is heavie
You make fresh CRACKED can food taste STALE by holding stale food as you eat. This happens because our perception of taste is affected by our other se
Want to make your friend feel like they're holding a thing with a ghost creature hopping on it? Have your friend hold out their hands, keeping them ap
WANT TO TRICK PEOPLE INTO BEING YOUR FRIENDS? Ask them for a favor. Their subconscious will convince them that they helped you because they like you.
Bet your friend that he can't differentiate types of milk in a blind taste test. Give him milk the first three times, and secretly substitute orange j

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