In filmmaking, symbolism is another element that you either adore or detest, read more into, or don't understand at all. There was not much of a middle ground. We're tremendous fans of your work. We believe that symbolism, such as the use of symbolism by directors, is one of the most subtle ways in which they can affect viewers as well as interpretation. We can get flashes of the information that the producers genuinely wanted to express if they are utilized and comprehended appropriately. We got a taste of what they wanted to achieve. Symbolism can now be utilized to deceive both producers as well as audiences.

It's easy to miss the more subtle point a film is making between the obvious message, fantastic pyrotechnics, fancy effects, and boobs. We wanted you to look behind the glitz and glam and point out what we overlooked. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

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