24 News Stories Too Hopeful For The Media To Report Them

Despite what the media reports, there are good things going on around the world.
24 News Stories Too Hopeful For The Media To Report Them

We live in a world where fear sells. The news cycle is loaded with violence, terror, and sadness, and almost nothing else. Which is a shame and actually terrifying in itself.

But, if you look hard enough, there are good things going on around the world. Great things, in fact. For example ...

POLICE HELP HOMELESS TEEN RAISE OVER $180,000. 19-year-old Fred Barley bicycled 50 miles to register for his second-semester classes at Gordon State C
#mOo The B4tg0 2as @ab/rm mcnealt proprietor of a restaurant in Kochi, India installede an outside refrigerator that is open 24/7 and stocked with lef
In 2016, a former homeless man donates $10, to Dwight Township High School, Illinois. WHY? Three years ago during a blizzard, two seniors -Ryan Kodat
James Karragiannis, or Ice Creamcycle Dude sells ice cream in Buffalo, NY to inner city kids for $1, but unfortunately some kids cannot afford it. S
ho's Benny, they said... 32476 MO50RCA LUS'T SSA 1 1407950B bunz Borioy AMRO Benny, nicknamed after Ben Franklin, is a mysterious person who leaves
First-grader born without hands wins a national handwriting competition. Anaya Copy e sartnce helow in you bes thondwriling The quick brown fox jumps
A class of 26 children in Rio Vista Elementary School has had their college educations guaranteed by a total stranger. Instead of spending his retirem
Tigers are beginning to mabe a comeback. In 2016 the wild tiger population numbered about 3890, up from 2010's estimation of 3200. This is the first i
INDIA PLANTED NEARLY 50 MILLION TREES IN UNDER 24 HOURS. CRAG On July 11 th, 2016, more than 800,000 people from Uttar Pradesh(ndia's biggest state) t
This juvenile bald eagle spent two days trapped upside down when twine wrapped around its foot got entangled in a tree. Too high for rescuers to reach
AN ENTIRE BOSNIAN FIRST GRADE CLASS LEARNS SIGN LANGUAGE Mc 52 Zejd Coralic is a deaf first grader whose classmates motivated him to learn sign langua
M Drive-Thru On December 2015 in Florida, a woman decided to pay for the meal of the car behind her at a local McDonald's drive-thru. Touched by the g
Tesco is donating all unsold food from its 800 supermarkets to charity. The UK'S supermarket giant has given over 22 tons of unsold food (50,000 meals
CRACKED COM The last confirmed grey wolf sighting in California was in 1924. The species was considered endangered and nearly extinct until last year,
100 kids in need CRACKEDCON had a sleepover at the Dallas Cowboys' stadium. ESTANLIAED 1160 HO On June 24, 2016, 100 kids without beds were invited to
Ken Nwadike has started the 'Free Hugs project and is hugging cops to end violence in America Afin FREE HUGS FREE UGS THLITIO le BOSTO VOLUNTEER Th
Todd Arredono, a Texas business owner, saw a group of kids being mocked on social media for using the back of a truck as a swimming pool. So he did wh
Eight-year-old Gabriel Marshall was SO self-conscious about the scar on his head after brain-cancer surgery that he said he felt like a monster. CRA
Jason Haney, a construction foreman, made a cutout of Waldo and played games of Where's Waldo? with kids in Memorial Hospital to make their hospital s
Giris raise $10,000 for Dallas shooting victims with a lemonade stand. LEMUNADE DPD COOKIES BROWNS: DONATIONS Dr DPO MONADE In an effort to help after
14% of Kenyan CRACKED.COM households that have been in the dark or reliant And it's much on dangerous more than kerosene accessing technology for gene
lf you eat a good hummus, you will feel love from the person who made it. You don't want, to stab him. To promote peace between the sides of the rece
When a fire broke out at a San Antonio, Texas, apartment building, among the first on the scene was Officer Tim Bowen... ...who convinced three childr
A small Florida brewery invented 100% biodegradable and edible six-pack rings to save marine life. CRACKED.COM

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