24 News Stories Too Hopeful For The Media To Report Them

24 News Stories Too Hopeful For The Media To Report Them

We live in a world where fear sells. The news cycle is loaded with violence, terror, and sadness, and almost nothing else. Which is a shame and actually terrifying in itself.

But, if you look hard enough, there are good things going on around the world. Great things, in fact. For example ...

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ho's Benny, they said... 32476 MO50RCA LUS'T SSA 1 1407950B bunz Borioy AMRO Benny, nicknamed after Ben Franklin, is a mysterious person who leaves

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Tesco is donating all unsold food from its 800 supermarkets to charity. The UK'S supermarket giant has given over 22 tons of unsold food (50,000 meals

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Ken Nwadike has started the 'Free Hugs project and is hugging cops to end violence in America Afin FREE HUGS FREE UGS THLITIO le BOSTO VOLUNTEER Th

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