24 Ways You've Misunderstood Sex Your Whole Life

Time to dispel those locker room myths.
24 Ways You've Misunderstood Sex Your Whole Life

It's easy to understand why many of us are dummies when it comes to the world of sex. Most of what we learned came from locker rooms, older siblings, and magazines written by idiots. Those growing up with internet access aren't faring any better as now all those dummies can spread myths to thousands by just clicking 'send'. So, allow us to drop some sex knowledge on you.

As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.

MYTH8 Every drop of an-juice can get you pregnant. FACT8 There's no working sperr in pre-ejaculate. In two separate studies, scientists found that mos
MYTH8 Condorons rake Sex terrible. FACT8 you're weearing the werong kind. A study done by luckybloke.com found that 68% of participating men were usin
MYTH8 When cousins marry, it's a genetic disaster. FAGT8 They're more likely to successfully reproduce. A recent study found that marriages between co
MYTH8 open relationships are doorred to fait. FACT8 couples who sweing corrunicate well. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and s
MTH: you should avoid Sex during your period. FACT8 Sex is great for alleviating crarps. Period sex has been unfairly classified as taboo, because it
MYTH: pulling out doesn't prevent pregnancy. FACGT8 It's alrost as effective as condorors. Used properly, the withdrawal method of birth control is
MYTH8 Mlen hit their sexual peak rouch younger than women FAGT8 Horrones don't dictate wehen you hit your peak. While it's true that testosterone reac
MYTH8 Sex sells. FAGT8 Sex roakes people forget what you're selling. Studies show that people are half as likely to remember what was advertised in a
MYTH8 Any man can learn to last longer. FAGT8 Sorore men are just wired for quickies. According to New York sex therapist Stephen Snyder, MD: If you
MYTH8 Mlen like casual sex; weomen don't. FAGT8 Woren are open to good casual Sex. A study found that women are just as likely to say yes to a casual
MYTH8 Don't have Sex before the big garne! E FACT8 Sex doesn't affect your sportsingness. Sex doesn't burn all that many calories (it's equivalent to
MYTH8 A woroan's first tirne will be painful. FACT8 It'll only hurt if she's not relaxed. A woman's vagina is attuned to her mental state, so if she's
MYTH8 When you get older, you stop having Sex. FACT8 old people are having tons of Sex. A recent study found that a whopping 75 percent of the 57- to
MYTH8 The rorning after pill induces abortion. FACT8 Plan B prevents ovulation. If you had unprotected sex while you were ovulating, taking a morning-
MYTH8 once you get rarried, the sex stops. FAGT8 Married people are having weay rore sex than singles. According to the Kinsey Institute, almost 50 pe
MYTH8 Woren prefer jocks to brainy guys. FACT8 Woronen want their men to be sronart. Scientists showed college-aged women videos of men performing var
MYTH8 If a woran's a virgin, shee has a hyrnen. FACT8 It's long gone by the tire you have Sex. The hymen isn't solid in the first place - it's more li
MYTH8 The right herbs can get you in the roood. FACT8 Herbal aphrodisiacs can kill you According to the FDA, no herbal supplement can actually boost y
MYTH8 Girls go wild, in college. FAGT8 college women are less likely to dabble. Even Wikipedia has a page on the lesbian until graduation trope. But
MYTH8 conception happens during Sex. FACT8 It can take up to a week. The thing is, sperm can live up to seven days inside a woman's body. This means t
MYTH8 Take a cold shower to kill your libido. FACT8 cold showers raise horronone levels. Cold showers increase testosterone, which gives your libido a
MYTH8 chocolate gets you in the rorood for love. FAGT8 But only if you eat an insane arount. Despite its association with love and romance, chocolate
MYTH: casual sex will ress you up ernotionally. FACT8 It's great for your well-being. Psychologists say that those who engage in casual sex tend to ha
MYTH8 people who are into BDS are sick f*ckS. FACT8 Actually, they're psychologically healthy. People who prefer bondage and sadomasochism (or other u

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