21 Popular 'Life-Hacks' That Are Detrimental To Your Life

21 Popular 'Life-Hacks' That Are Detrimental To Your Life

Everyone seems to have a surefire solution that "everyone knows about" -- "everyone" here being people on the internet and probably grandmothers. But, if there's anything that we've learned about the web, it's that for every myth it can dispel, there are about a dozen others it is used to perpetuate.

For example ...

Entry by milito

Ear candling is a practice offered by many beauty treatment centers. It's done by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the

Entry by Alexius08

Toothpaste is a popular home remedy for burns. However, toothpaste is not sterile, and applying it to burns increases the risk of infection. Also, it'

Entry by mkad

' before E,' exCEpT after C,'or in Ay' like in Aeighbor' or Weigh. In 2009, having seized attention to the weird deficiencies in the rule, the UK's

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Closing unused apps on your phone will help improve its battery life. Apps in the task manager are frozen, and are already in the memory of your Mai

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