25 Fav Characters That Were Almost Awful

One rendition of the alien was almost adorably and comically awful
25 Fav Characters That Were Almost Awful

It's hard to hit it out of the park on the first try. Usually the final product you see had to go through a battery of people with different views, rounds of revisions, censors -- the whole nine yards. Sometimes, though, in an amazing display of talent and creativity, you do get it right the first time.

These ... are not those times. With the help of Auntiememe, we pulled together some iconic characters in pop culture that would have been anything but if someone didn't step back and say, "Hm. That might could definitely use a shit ton of work."

25 Fav Characters That Were Almost Awful
Gizmo from Gremlins is adorably sweet. In the original script, he was also evil. The first draft of Gremlins was considerably darker than the final mo
Elsa is a misunderstood magical princess. And she started out as a villain. For most of Frozen's development process, Elsa was an evil turbo-bitch who
Gozer can look like whatever it wants to look like. And it almost looked like Pee-wee Herman. The makers of Ghostbusters originally meant for Gozer to
E.T. is a heartwarmingly adorable alien. But he was nearly a cattle-maiming monster. Director Steven Spielberg originally pitched Night Skies (the wor
In Raiders, Professor Jones tactfully ignores girl crushes. TAE But George Lucas wanted him to prefer young girls. Recently released transcripts of th
Mr. Clean is a squeaky-clean CG mascot. But for a while, he was the world's worst genie. Early commercials depicted him as a genie with a disconcertin
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are sweet and adorable. But they started out terrifying. That is, the original costumed mascot versions of Mickey and Minnie d
The Newborn in Alien Resurrection is chillingly creepy. And on-set it was much creepier Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet was adamant about the hybrid havin
Mr. Magoo is an oblivious, nearly blind cartoon character. to!! But he was almost a paranoid nutjob. The character was conceived by Millard Kaufman an
You probably think of Jason Bourne as Matt Damon. But in the '80s, he was Richard Chamberlain. The 1988 Bourne Identity is a three-hour made-for-TV fl
Picture Blade, and you'll think of black-clad Wesley Snipes. But in the comic books, he is colorful. In his first appearance, Blade sports an Afro and
The Predator looks like a crab-faced Rastafarian. But he was almost a duck duck thing. The creature, originally played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in a r
Homer Simpson works at the nuclear power plant. And he nearly was also Krusty the Clown. Simpsons creator Matt Groening originally planned for it to b
Popeye the sailor is the hero in comics, cartoons, and movies. SPINAC He was meant to be an expendable bit character. Popeye's first appearance came i
25 Fav Characters That Were Almost Awful
The 2002 Green Goblin mask was widely criticized. But the original mask was much stranger. Special effects wizards originally developed a mask that wa
By now everyone knows Batman's origin story. But the Batman serial completely threw it out. In the 1943 series, Batman is simply a government agent wh
Johnny Depp was a dead-on Hunter S. Thompson. And SO was Bill Murray Murray played the iconic journalist in Where The Buffalo Roam back in 1980. Criti
Dino is Fred Flintstone's goofy dinosaur dog. And he used to be able to talk. In the first season of The Flintstones, a flashback episode shows Fred a
Edward from Twilight is a gentle, sparkly vegetarian. But he was almost a total badass. When Paramount first acquired the Twilight movie rights, it de
The Michelin Man is big, friendly, and squishy. He started out metal as fxck. He was originally called Bibendum and was conceived by Edouard and Andre
The creature in Alien is memorable, terrifying, and silent. Mi But Ridley Scott wanted it to talk. A persistent internet rumor has the movie's directo
Batman's Alfred is a caring, wise father figure. HO And he was briefly a bumbling idiot. Alfred didn't appear in the early comics at all, and then whe
Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck's eccentric, rich uncle. 010 But he was once a genocidal robber baron. In the early comics that introduced Unca Scrooge,

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