16 Things 'True Story' Movies Got Wrong

16 Things 'True Story' Movies Got Wrong

Non-fiction films are immensely enjoyable to see. You know, the possibilities are just bigger. The excitement, suspense, love, or fascination of a narrative is amplified when you know it genuinely happened.

Such stories are fascinating to watch as they're both instructional as well as enjoyable (when done well). Obviously, not every film can do justice to a person's side of a story. This is why we did the legwork for you and selected the perfect true story movies. Please don't congratulate us; instead, start watching one of these powerful films this weekend.

We all know that when it comes to portraying the stories of people who truly existed, Hollywood likes to take liberties. However, in the process of striving to make already dramatic stories even more so, directors make alterations or omissions that are so obvious that we wonder if they even looked at the source material.

Bring your popcorn bucket because we're discussing stuff like...

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