24 Ding-Dong Promotional 'Strategies'

Airlines aren't very good at this whole 'business' thing.
24 Ding-Dong Promotional 'Strategies'

You would think that giant companies have a battery of PR people ready to flag anything that has even a faint whiff of dumb bullshit. But, naturally, you are not correct. Shame on you.

With the help of image wizard AuntieMeme, we bring you some of the most questionable decisions that companies which should've known better actually made.

Amazon needed a way to promote its new series. They went with Nazi symbols on the subway. The series was called The Man In The High Castle and worked
In 2012, Mountain Dew asked the internet to name its new flavor. Mtn Dewsalutes the Israeli Messads 3towers on 9/11! OU Dub the Dew Top 10 Leaderboard
In 1984, McDonald's wanted to celebrate the Olympics. USA So they gave away a crazy amount of free food. McDonald's looked at the medal breakdown from
In '06, Chevy decided to let people make 01001 their own commercials 00010010100100 10010000100101 01001010101011 10001000101000 Don't Buy MURDER YOUR
In December, Hallmark prints blue wrapping paper for Hanukkah. LF And sometimes it has swastikas on it. The wrapping paper was discovered by a Jewish
In 2002, Starbucks wanted to sell smoothies. Collapse into cool. Tyy Gt e ARBUCT ARBUC COFFEE COFFBE Tazoberry NEW Tos Citras We Proudly Brew STARBUCK
Walmart really wants people to like them. America WAL-MARTING across The Final Word SPONSORED Y WORKING FAMILIES Oar Nog as about the people wemet and
Woolworths once launched a line of loft beds for girls. ET And they named it Lolita. As most people know, Lolita is a famous novel about a man having
Walkers Crisps needed a fun promotional contest. ALKER Ready Saited WAUERS WALKERS eese Salted & Crion WALKERS Onion Ready & heese WALKERS WALKERS So
8 8 6 For 10 years, 3 Toyota produced 4 the Toyota Matrixe 6 6 And they went full- sell 8 2 creep to it. 5 6 Toyota decided to promote the Matrix with
In 2012, Nike was proud of America's female Olympians. GOLD DIGGING So they called them gold diggers. Nike decided to commemorate the pile of gold med
In 2005, Snapple launched a line of popsicles. And they created the world's largest melted ice pop. It was the first day of summer in New York City, a
Silo was an appliance chain with a surplus of stereos. Silo TELEVISIONS AUDIO APPLIANCES So they sold them off for bananas. The store ran an ad campai
In the early' 'OOs, Red Lobster offered all-you- can-eat crab legs. RED OBSTER FRESH FISH, LIVE LOBSTER And they learned how much America can eat. The
After a crash, Pacific Air Lines wanted to reassure customers. So they hired a comedian to mock people's fears. It was 1967, and comedian Stan Freberg
In '09, KFC partnered with Oprah to sell chicken. So she gave all her viewers free KFC. Oprah decided the best way to promote KFC was to offer people
In 1999, Just for Feet scored a Super Bowl ad. So they went with all of the racism. The ad features a team of white hunters in a Hummer, chasing a bar
In 1974, the Cleveland Indians wanted to fill their stands. So they held1o-cent beer night. That was the whole plan-no limits, just 10 cents a beer, a
In '14, Jagermeister decided to throw a pool party. And nine people wound up in the hospital. No, they didn't do too many jagerbombs. Jagemeister deci
The British division of Hoover had a surplus of vacuums. Date Class 25AP Y 3341 Seat time Boarding 14D 30 06. So they offered AMP MOTOR buyers plane t
In 1992, Fiat wanted to sell cars to women in Spain. So they sent them creepy mail. Fiat sent out 50,000 anonymous letters to women, with phrases like
In 1990, Coca-Cola introduced the Magican. It was filled with noxious water. The magic cans were rigged with a pop-up mechanism that would dispense a
Dr Pepper decided to bet on Axl Rose's laziness. GUNS N' ROse ROSES N' DEMOCRACY GUNS GNR CHINESE And they lost. It seemed like a safe bet. In 1994, G
American Airlines decided to sell lifetime first-class tickets. So people went on a flying frenzy. The tickets cost 250K, which seems like a lot until

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