15 Reasons Why Young People Today Have It Tougher Than Ever

OK, so maybe all that whining has some merit.
15 Reasons Why Young People Today Have It Tougher Than Ever

It's a popular opinion these days to brand millennials as lazy, whining, good-for-nothing, party animals, who expect the world to be given to them on a silver platter. And while we certainly believe you need to work hard to get ahead in this world, it turns out that some of that whining may have some merit to it.

As it turns out, things are little tougher for millennials than the generations before them. And most of it is thanks to the people tsk-tsk'ing them for their behavior.

GRAGKEDOON Adjusted for Inflation In Actual Dollars Average Asking Rent in 1988: $343 / month Average Asking Rent in 2014: $762 / month That's An Incr
As traditional pension plans are dying off while Social Security projections are decreasing, the average millennial may need to save upwards of ,000,0
A young -educated -educated adult without any student debt typically has net worth of about $64.700 DEBT STUDD LAANS which is more than seven times as
Despite what the media would have you believe, credit cards-not student loans-are what are screwing Millennials financially. Federal student loans hav
CRACKEDCON 22.3% 19.5% 17.0% 15.7% The 18-34 crowd is now likelier than ever to have a degree... 1980 1990 2000 2009-13 Percent of 18- to 4-vear-olds
JoB s Share of unemployed workers by generation LESS 40% 37% 22% Millennial Generation X Baby Boomer More millennials are unemployed compared to their
There were over 3.0 MILLION SKILLED JOB OPENINGS in America as of April, 2016. During that same month, there were 7.9 MILLION UNEMPLOYED PERSONS in th
In 1975-76, the average cost of a four year undergraduate course was $2,387 in a public college and $10,088 in a private college.* In 2015-16, the ave
CRACKED.CON The most stressed generation are the millennials. Their stress level is 5.4 out of 10, higher than what is considered to be a healthy leve
GROWTH OF DISPOSABLE INCOME 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 Italy 2010 2010 RELATIVE TO THE States Spain to Canada to to France to to to to to King NATI
WEDDING COSTS DOUBLED in the past 2 decades $31,213 HIGHEST LEVEL EVER It cost around $15,000 (or 38% of annual income) to tie the knot in the 90s, wh
The labor force participation rate for people 55 and older is up by approximately one-third since 1990 (nearly its highest level in several Idecades).
CRACKED CON T Even though the Millennials eat better and exercise more than the Baby Boomers, our generation is more prone to obesity and illnesses.
In 2004, the average debt ILL BE per student at graduation IN was roughly at $23,500.00 DEBT WITH STUDENT A decade later, in 2014, LOANS FOR debts ros
GQM, People used to become happier as they got older, as maturity and contentment come together. Not millennials. They become less happy as they age.


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