Eyebrows are really important. They can make or break a face. Anything that can make them arch? Well lets just say we sit up and pay attention. So today, we decided to take a look at some eyebrow raising stats about different fictional universes. Here's what we found...

When it comes to eyebrow arching, there is no one better than the fictional universes. Whether it's a matter of good genes or dark magic, Here are some eyebrow arching stats about some of our favorite fictional universes. 

The attention to detail that the creators put into our favorite movie universes is one of the things that draws us in. They become even more astounding when we uncover something we had never considered before. So scroll on down for some truly wild examples…so don't just stand there, scroll down to learn some truly wild facts about fictional universes. You won't believe how many jobs Homer Simpson has actually had…

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