19 Awesome Explanations Of How Everyday Machines Work

19 Awesome Explanations Of How Everyday Machines Work

How stuff works - if only there was a website called that. Because what's more interesting than finding out the ins and outs of how stuff actually functions? Get under the hood of this and that and just marvel. Speaking of marvels, we took this look at just ridiculously huge stuff built by science, including an observatory that's a mile and a half tall.

At the end of the day, we take a lot of the simple things in life for granted. When we should be chalking up how simple technologies work to science or mechanical doodads or scientific mechanical doodads, we just say it's all magic so we don't have to bother learning that stuff. Thanks for working, technological thing we all depend on – no idea how you do it.

Well, we're here to help you out with some pretty pictures of the pretty cool functions that go down when everyday technology is at work. Hopefully we're of some service.

Entry by CZM

Technically, you can't make cold... A fridge is actually removing heat, then pumping it out the back. It does this using physics trickery on a refri

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