16 Tiny Movie Details You Won't Believe Took Insane Work

16 Tiny Movie Details You Won't Believe Took Insane Work

Filmmakers put a lot of work into the details of the universes they're creating. They have to if they want the audience to be as immersed as possible in their creation. But then they go kind of crazy to make sure even the smallest details are perfect and accurate. We're looking at you, George Miller, you wonderful mastermind, you. We're talking spending millions and millions on stuff, because what's a few more million, really? It's not like it's their money. And if you've ever dealt with a budget you know the following immutable rule: If you don't spend it you lose it. So they go nuts and sometimes they go really, really nuts, hiring all kinds of arcane people to add arcane things into the foregrounds and often the backgrounds for mere seconds of this thing your eyeballs are glued to. AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! We're talking about things like ...

Entry by stahn_lee

To replicate the efiects o ilying through the pollution filled atmosphere of LOS Angeles 2019, each tiny car used in the 1982 SCi-i Classic Blade Runn

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