17 Lies Celebs Told That People Forget

Mila Kunis wasn't 18 until the fourth season of 'That '70s Show.' We'll let that sink in for some of you.
17 Lies Celebs Told That People Forget

We're about to drop a bombshell on you: Famous people lie. It's shocking, we know. What with all their upstanding behavior, goodwill toward those of lesser means, and never-ending tirade of showing us their genitals, we understand that this might be a tough pill to swallow.

But it happens -- and we're not talking about little white lies here. No, below you'll find some pretty serious shit that everyone seems to have forgotten about. We're talking about things like ...

When Mila Kunis auditioned for That '70s Show she told producers she would be 18 on her birthday. That was technically true.... ...but not on her NEXT
Robin Thicke claimed co-writer credit with Pharrell Williams on their smash hit single Blurred Lines... until the estate of late blues icon Marvin G
Jazz musician Billy Tipton spent decades hiding the fact that he had been born Dorothy Lucille Tipton. Not even the women who lived with him as his wi
Bill O'Reilly claimed that he had witnessed multiple combat situations like EI Salvador, the Falklands conflict, Northern Ireland terror attacks and I
At 16 Vince Vaughn was certified and worked as a life guard. Fortunately it didn't result in a tragedy, but he lied about having taken a CPR course an
In January 2014 Dr. Haruko Obokata published her groundbreaking research showing how stem cells could be made quickly and cheaply, described as a maj
He's never actually seen one on, this thing that took his hand. turn it on, unlock the screen, and pass it to him. He takes it. The icons flare into
Notre Dame's Manti Te'o claimed CRACKED co COM his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, died of leukemia. The heartbreaking story, combined with Te'o's on field
YAFZDCP! YAF During a shareholder struggle over seats on the board of directors, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was revealed to have padded his resume with
For years. prolific character actor Brian Dennehy talked about his service with the Marines in Vietnam. Glenna Whitley and B.G. Burkett, authorrs of t
CRACKED.COM Jim Morrison of The Doors didn't get along with his father, a Navy Admiral who disapproved of his son's musical career. Jim stopped speaki
17 Lies Celebs Told That People Forget
CRACKED CON 1cFopr Rap musician Tyga claimed that he has lived in, the rough streets of Compton his whole life. But then an unreleased MTV video showe
CRACKEDCON Hip Hop artist Rick Ross has made a career out of being a gangster rapper. In 2008, it was brought to light that he used to be a correction
CRACKEDO p Diddy claimed that he owned a private jet that is about ,00,00 to maintain and later said that he ditched his private jet because he couldn
On Thanksgiving 2015, khloekardashian FOLLOW Khloe Kardashian 650k likes bragged about her holiday khloekardashian am $0000o proud of myself lol can s
MAOT When they first gained popularity, Meg and Jack White of tbe WHITE STROPES Told fans that they were brother and sister. Then a newspaper found th

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