22 Scandals People Forgot

Don't be like this Rob Lowe.
22 Scandals People Forgot

It's not that we view famous people through rose-tinted glasses -- quite the opposite in fact. It's just that we expect them to do terrible stuff, so then we just kind of forget about it. But it turns out that the shit we forget was overshadowing some other shit that they did that was equally, if not more, awful than the shit we forgot they did.

We'll start with the arguable god father of the listicle, David Letterman, with his venerable top ten lists, who also happened to have affairs with his staff.  Whoopsie doodles…frankly though, this anecdote feels less disappointing than the revelations of where Bear Grylls actually sleeps when he is out in the wild. C'mon man!

To clarify here, we teamed up with the next Perez Hilton, AuntieMeme, to re-introduce into evidence some of the awful stuff done by celebrities that you probably never even knew about. So, if you're in the mood to be disappointed by your heroes, scroll on!


David Letterman turned late night TV on its ear, and popularized the Top Ten List. (Thanks, Dave!) He was also boinking his staff. One of his affairs
On Man VS. Wild, Bear Grylls survives in the wilderness with nothing but his wits and his cargo shorts. And a nice hotel to sleep in. In one episode,
Rob Lowe is an iconic, highly reconizable television and movie star. But did you know about underage Sex tape Rob Lowe? In 1988, Lowe made a sex tape
James O'Keefe is a bestselling author and documentarian whose videos have a broad influence on the public. Yet his documentaries have been proven cate
Eric Clapton is known for his iconic guitar riffs and heartfelt rock ballads. KORG And not for the racist tirade he went on in 1976. Clapton was perfo
In 2009, Colorado panicked as Falcon Heene drifted through the air on a mylar weather balloon. Rescue crews mobilized to help Balloon Boy, who had app
Hollywood loves Ed and Lorraine Warren, and keeps making movies about their ghostbusting adventures. But they are admitted frauds. All the people who
Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend and a household nameo E IIN Proving it's possible to rebound from felony sexual assault charges. In 2003, Kobe was
Vince Neil is the voice of Motley Cruie. He also killed a guy. Neil was partying with a Finnish band at his house when they ran out of booze. Neil pou
Actor and singer Vanessa Williams was the first African- American Miss America. Or she was, until Penthouse published nude photos of her. The photos w
In 2010, Texas tapped David Barton as an historical scholar to help rewrite the state's textbooks. The JEFFERSON LIES Exposing the Msthe You Awats Bel
Marv Albert is known as the voice of basketball. Yet nobody remembers that he was arrested for sex crimes in 1997. Specifically, he was charged with
Anthony Weiner has been publicly sparring with Donald Trump, and tweeting witty quips to his 25,000 followers. Have they forgotten the time he tweeted
Woody Allen famously had an affair with his stepdaughter, whom he later married. But allegations he molested his adopted daughter Dylan go widely unno
Jimmy Page is a legend in the music industry. And nobody seems to mind that he's a kidnapper and statutory rapist. In 1972, Page spotted 14-year-old L
Sean Penn is a respected actor who has become an outspoken voice against war and violence. DRV Maybe he's trying to atone for the time he tied up and
Peter Popoff's ministry earns over $24 million a year. But he's the guy whose wife whispers messages from God into his earpiece. He's repeatedly bee
Matthew Broderick will always be remembered as Ferris Bueller. What we don't remember is the time he killed two people. It was 1987, and he and Jennif
Jeff Gannon was a conservative columnist known for firing softball questions at George W. Bush. Escorr's Name: JeB Location: DC Age: 31 Internet Addre
Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, has been talking to the dead on TLC for seven seasons. THE ANNUAL PIGASUS AWARD But the only gift she has is c
Rush Limbaugh has established himself as the king of. conservative talk radio, and a vocal proponent of the War on Drugs. ENQUIRER WORAO RUSH EXOLVORV
Everyone remembers Michael Vick's horrific involvement in dogfightingo 7 But nobody seems to remember Ron Mexico. IT was the pseudonym Vick used when

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