17 People You Hate Who Did Surprisingly Noble Things

We're not saying that we should forgive all these people. Just that even the blind squirrel gets the nut sometimes, you know?
17 People You Hate Who Did Surprisingly Noble Things

We're not saying that these deeds should forgive the transgressions these individuals and groups has inflicted upon the populous. Not even close. All we're saying is that even the blind squirrel gets the nut sometimes, you know?

We tasked our readers to find those blind squirrels -- those asshole, questionably psychotic, blind squirrels -- and gave money for the best entries.

GRACKEDCON Before he became known as the butcher of Baghdad' during his time as Vice President Saddam Hussein brought many reforms to Irag. Education
Ended school segregation. The Clean Air & Cclean Water Acts Banned sex discrimination at public colleges and universities. First nucleart arms reducti
When bloodthirsty fundamentalist group ISIS aren't up to their normal tricks, they spend some of their time: Repairing, maintaining and running infras
P COFFEE CRACKED on THE DOUGHNUTS DOUNED UNEMDL OVED HORA BAILIFE FREE SoUP In 1931, with the Great Depression ravaging America A'L Capone opened soup
Glenn Beck is one of America's most divisive right wing talk show hosts; he was basically too far for Fox News. But his employees are all over the pol
Roger B. Taney, fifth chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, stated in his 1857 Dred Scott D. Sandford ruling that it was unconstitutional to ban sl
Jyor sf In 2013, Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch Jabhat al-Nusra hosted a amily-friendly fair, including ice cream eating contests for the children. It's als
Yo, Ima let you finish, but first I'm gonna drop another six figures on Donda's House. Founded by Kanye and Che 'Rhymefest' Smith, Donda's House is a
In 2011 hacker group Anonymous activated Operation Darknet that resulted in taking down a child porn site on, Tor network and revealing the account
Serial killer Ted Bundy saved lives as a suicide hotline counselor and rescued a toddler from drowning.
Billionaire industrialist and liberal arch-bogeyman David H. Koch best known to many for bankrolling numerous conservative politicans' election campai
When he's not busy making terrible music and pissing off his fans, Justin Bieber does a lot of charity work which often gets overa shadowed by his sca
Most people only think of Joe Paterno as the coach firedover the Jerry Sandusky Spiritual sex abuse scandal, and are unaware of Paterno's commitment t
THAN GOD OD'S FOR DEAD SOLDIERS TTES VIEW FAs COM IS SHAME On Memorial Day , 2011, the friendly folks from Westboro Baptist Church protested at Arling
RUPERT MURDOCH EXTRA! SAVES BLACK EXTRA! MAN FROM EXECUTION Regularly perceived as the cackling, evil face of right wing media, news baron Rupert Murd
CRACKEDo The transnational crime organisation known as th are best known for their extortion rackets, illegal garfbling operations, Yakuza committing

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