If you think The Man is really a square with all these laws meant to hold you down, just be glad that the books aren't looked at too carefully. If they were, you might find yourself going to jail for all kinds of crazy shit you didn't know was illegal.

That's why, as a service to you, dear reader, we asked our esteemed plasticians to do some research on the most insane laws that taxpayer money actually went toward. The most ridiculous is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by mkad

C E uoud Be sure to convert yourcoins to currency after smashing your piggy bank, because in Canada it's illegal to pay with too much change. Annoying

Entry by RainbowCrash

In Georgia, it's perfectly legal to pass on the right. However, it's illegal to give someone a reason to pass you on the right; drivers are required t

Entry by ChevySpoons

Practicing witchcraft in Canada? Better make sure that you're a real witch. Under Canada's Criminal Code, it is illegal to pretend to exercise or to

Entry by djHanDon

Pinball CRACKED COM in South Carolina is illegal for DARE DEVILS minors... Looks like it could lead them to heavy stuff, like pool tables. IT's illega

Entry by filenotfound

In Colorado it's illegal to collect rainwater. We. hope bird baths aren't next.

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