Look, say what you want about marijuana but two facts have come to pass: more states are starting to legalize and because of that, a whole lot of propaganda and anti-weed legislation just looks downright insane.

For proof, look no further than the collected samplings of the craziest measures levied in the fight against pot. We asked our readers to dig up the most insane examples, and gave money to the winner.

Entry by 7thdukeofuke

What do all these beloved cartoon characters have in common? A Every single one of them appeared in Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue, a psychedelically

Entry by Vincent Pall

During the 1980s, the DEA used a highly toxic weed killer known as Paraquat- PARAQUAT VECOL 200 5.. which was banned from being used on federal lands

Entry by WhiteTurkey

CRACKEDCON they're building MACHINES to detect your whacky Tobacky AirGuard comes in both a plugin and handheld model and it will be sensitive eno

Entry by 3mpetri

The 0.003g are clearly visible under the electron microscope. Keith Brown, a council youth development officer, jailed for four years in Dubai after c

Entry by Comunacho

c. VYE There are more than two dozen people in the US serving life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole, for marijuana-related non-violent crim

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