24 People Who Were Terrifyingly Hard To Kill

Death comes to all of us. It is inescapable. Some people, though, don't go quietly into that cold embrace.
24 People Who Were Terrifyingly Hard To Kill

Death comes to all of us. It is inescapable. Some people, though, don't go quietly into that cold embrace. Rather, they turn around and flip the Reaper a double bird before doing the "suck it" motion as furiously as possible.

We teamed up with image wizard AuntieMeme to show you that you don't always have to accept that you're going to die. Sometimes, it's quite alright to tell Death to go fuck off for awhile.

GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS BULLETPROOF. During a single battle in the French and Indian War, Washington had two horses shot out from under him, and four bu
RASPUTIN WAS MURDER-PROOF. Grigori Rasputin was a mystic who lived with Tsar Nicholas II in the early 0th century. First he was stabbed. Then he was p
THE COSMONAUTS ABOARD VOSKHOD 2 HAD TO FIGHT OFF WOLIES. The navigation aboard the tiny capsule failed, and the cosmonauts had to manually navigate re
LEON TROTSKY TOOK AN AXE TO THE HEAD AND KEPT GOING. Trotsky, who had been Lenin's right-hand man, was exiled in Mexico when an assassin sent by Stali
ROBERT CAIN TOOK OUT 6 GERMAN TANKS WITH A BAZOOKA. Major Cain was a British infantryman in WWII. Despite the fact that his PIAT gun exploded in his f
MAURO PROSPERI SURVIVED FOR 10 DAYS LOST IN THE SAHARA DESERT. Prosperi is an Italian pentathlete who signed up to run a marathon across the Sahara, b
NORMAN OLLESTAD JR. CLIMBED DOWNA MOUNTAIN BAREHANDED. When Norman was 11, he was in a plane crash that killed his father and the pilot, and dumped hi
HENRY PAGET DIDN'T THINK LOSING A LEG WAS WORTH GETTING WORKED UPABOUT. Henry William Paget - later known as Lord Uxbridge - was a British Field Marsh
TURBO DOESN'T NEED 2 LEGS TO KICK ASs. Stephen Toboz is a Navy SEAL who was struck by enemy fire during an ambush in Afghanistan. The attack left him
MATT SHTER TOOKA RIDE ON A TORNADO. Suter, 19, was hanging out in his grandma's trailer during a storm when the weather got extremely real. The storm
DOUGLAS MAWSON MADE A 32-DAY TREK ACROSS THE ANTARCTIC WITH NO SHELTER. Mawson was an Australian scientist who set out to explore Antarctica: in the e
ALEKSEI MARESYEV LOST HIS LEGS BUT KEPT ON FLYING. He was a Russian fighter pilot who was shot down during WWII. He spent 18 days crawling back to the
WHEN MARCUS SERGIUS LOST HIS HAND, HE HAD AN IRON ONE MADE AND KEPT GOING. He was an ancient Roman who'd been AIthough Sergius is considered one of wo
JULIANE KOEPCKE WALKED OFF HER PLANE CRASH INJURIES. Koepcke was 17 when the plane she was traveling in was struck by lightning and dropped her 10, 00
JOHN CAPES ESCAPED FROM AN EXPLODED, SUBMERGED SUBMARINE. Capes served on a British submarine during World War II. The submarine struck a mine, splitt
LACHHIMAN GARUNG FOUGHT OFF 200 SOLDIERS WITH JUST ONE ARM. Garung was a member of the British-Indian Army during WWII. The Japanese attacked the tren
THREE FISHERMEN SURVIVED 9 MONTHS IN THE OPEN SEA INA FISHING BOAT. Salvador Ordonez, Jesus Vidana, and Lucio Rendon embarked from a small Mexican fis
KEITH CALDWELL STEADIED A SPIRALING PLANE By STANDING ON THE WING. Caldwell was a WWI fighter pilot who found himself in a semi-flat spin after his pl
BLACKBEARD WAS INSANELY HARD TO KILL. Blackbeard boarded the ship that was sent to capture him, and nearly severed its captain's fingers. The captain
BECK WEATHERS SURVIVED BEING LEFT FOR DEAD ON MT. EVEREST. He was left behind, then stranded by a blizzard. Rescuers who found him determined he was b
BETTY LOU OLIVER WAS HIT BY A PLANE AND DROPPED BY AN ELEVATOR ON THE SAME DAY. Oliver was an elevator operator in the Empire State Building. One day
BAHIA BAKARI WAS THROWN FROM A PLANE INTO THE OCEAN, AND SURVIVED. Bahia, 13, had been pressing her forehead against the window when the plane crashed
GABRIEL GARCIA MORENO HAD HIS ARM MACHETE'D OFF, AND STAYED STANDING. Moreno served as president of Ecuador in the mid-19th century. He was attacked b

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