It seems like celebrities these days are getting a bit out of control with their demands. For example, we heard that Jay-Z is asking for a specific kind of water to be flown in from England for his upcoming tour. Bonkers! But it's not just Jay-Z - Lindsay Lohan reportedly also has some pretty outrageous requests, like an earl gray tea set and six dozen red roses. Crazy! So what's behind all these wacky demands? Are celebrities just trying to one-up each other? Or are they struggling with an underlying sense of insecurity? We'll never know for sure, but it's definitely entertaining to watch them go crazy over the little things. Keep reading to find out more about the weirdest celebrity demands.

Being wealthy and well-known allows you to enjoy a variety of indulgences. One of these is the ability to demand whatever the hell you want, regardless of how insane or obnoxious it makes you appear.

We asked our readers to dig a little deeper and reveal some of the craziest (and most humorous) demands made by celebs. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...

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