Happy endings are also not assumed in horror films, as the villain usually comes out on top. Rainbows and unicorns were not supposed to be promoted in horror films unless there's a wicked Leprechaun at the end. However, whenever a happy ending finally appears, it is a delightful surprise…until it's not. Some filmmakers enjoy creating "false" happy endings to mock or tease audiences since they prefer to retain suspense and mystery until the final moment.

Great movies grab us in, toy with our emotions, and utterly enslave our imaginations for a couple of hours. They seem to hook us in so well that we don't notice how clichéd most of their endings are.

We asked our readers to select the worst offenders to help us highlight this point. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up...so scroll down and see some of the movie endings that weren't quite as happy as they first appeared…

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