27 Notable Ads That Were Based On Lies


These days everyone knows that you can't take advertisements at face value. Photoshop, misleading wording, deliberate omission of certain facts -- all frequent techniques that advertisers use to toe the line while they're pushing their product down your throat. Of course, sometimes that toe crosses the line -- or rather, sometimes a company blows that line away with a bazooka.

With the help of the Don Draper of image manipulation AuntieMeme, here are those companies with egg on their face with a bazooka in hand.

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For years, Activia yogurt claimed it was clinically and scientifically proven to regulate digestion and boost immune systems. They also made a lot

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When a group of doctors called on Columbia University to cut ties with Dr. Oz for his questionable ethics, Oz responded, it's not a medical show. BL

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Extenze called itself ARAND a capsule that can Male Enhancement Exten make a man larger... NUTRITIOWNAL SUPPLFMENT taetenitm Fast Acting Maximum Stre

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Kashi was recently sued for calling products with mostly- synthetic ingredients all natural.' Kashi GOLEAN Kashi HEARTY GOLEAN ALL NATURAL Instant H

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In 2010, Kellogg boasted that Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies could boost kids' immunity. elloggs 883-00 elloggos 0 RICE COcoa KRISPIES KRISPIES ACON

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Ever notice those braided Phiten necklaces worn by athletes? The company claims they produce an electrical charge that relieves pain, increases energy

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