If there's anything we've learned about Hollywood's casting decisions, it's this one important aspect: They make precisely dick for sense. That's the only way you can explain how white dudes have the veritable pick of the litter for roles, while everyone else is relegated to specific groups that are almost impossible to break out of.

The Tiptoes. The whole of this film, including the casting, was a little off. Gary Oldman appears to be playing a dwarf who walks on his knees in the film. That's something you'll need to know.

He's also supposed to be believable as Matthew McConaughey's twin sibling. In addition, instead of playing the lead, they cast Peter Dinklage together in a supporting role. As expected, it was immediately released on DVD.

Producers and directors have a difficult task. They must find the ideal actor to play an important role while not being too noticeable and selecting just from a stream of studio stars who occur to be available when required and want the job.

We've already wrapped the most egregious revisionist decisions in film history, but how about the times when filmmakers assumed so far outside the box that they cast a downright weird actor in a role?

If you think we're over-exaggerating, just hold your keyboard mashing until the end. By plying them with the chance to win some cash, our readers took us through the bizarre casting world of Hollywood. The results are below.

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