18 Insane Coincidences (That Sure Seem Like Curses)

18 Insane Coincidences (That Sure Seem Like Curses)

Curses are just a bunch of baloney reserved for corny movies and campfire tales, right? Wellllll, maybe not. It could just be cruel happenstance that all the things you're about to read played out the way they did, but you'll be hard pressed to convince us of that case.

We asked our readers to put together some events that will not only make you believe in curses, but also realize they could happen to you at any moment. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by mkad

To date, twenty women have won the Academy Award, only to see their marriages of long-term relationships end, bitterly, soon after their Oscar accepta

Entry by Zanny77

THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO Harry Frazee, then Atlantic Coastio owner of the fo. BASEBALL NEWS Boston Red Sox, traded all-star pitcher Babe Ruth (nicknam

Entry by mkad

Since the Civil War. no Democrat has won the presidency if they- oreven any close relative had served a full term in DC in any elected position, witho

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