You'd think that with massive budgets behind them, movies would spare no expense to achieve top notch, realistic effects. It turns out, though, some of the most memorable scenes in cinema history were achieved pretty much by spending a few bucks at the Dollar Store. The big complaint about, say, the Star Wars prequels or the Angelina Jolie Beowulf was that they were too uncanny valley. Sometimes all it takes is a bunch of well-paced floor fans and a wire to make Superman fly, or…wait a second are we serious? Okay. Sometimes all it takes is finding a location that looks vaguely similar to another location, and oigno-boingo, Montreal is now Chicago. The producers saved a boatland of cash! Movie magic, amirite? Sure seems like they can do anything these days. 

We asked our readers to show you some of these scenes, and we tossed some cashola for the best ...

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKED PREDATOR BooD was made of lube KY mixed with some glow stick juice.

Entry by davlee1991

CRACKEDcO COM Because of the low-budget (around A quarter the budget of its predecessors) of infamously terrible film Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Entry by Tim Babb

14 Decidedly Analog Movie Special Effects

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