Sometimes, the best part of a movie or TV show isn't what's plainly obvious, but the little things we have to work to find. And sometimes, instead of being rewarded for finding something, we have our mind groped by the cold sweaty palms of a pervert. We asked you to show us some easter eggs we didn't see lurking in the background of popular culture until it was too late. The filthiest is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Expalphalog

The original uncensored version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit can be seen on French television in HD. The film features a number of animated cameos, in

Entry by ALosophy

24 REAL R-Rated Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Pop Culture

Entry by ALosophy


Entry by j21

ALEX if you use a ROM- ROMhacking gram to edit the file for the Nintendo game gRiver City Ransom, youfll comeacross this beauty buried in the files:

Entry by ALosophy

CRACKEDCOMT Co u Versione PC e FINAL FANTASY V  Square pobhlicata Eios marchiio regstratoe nteractive FINAL FANTAS.V Linsited 2000 potto disc COMPACT

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