Valentine's Day is tomorrow (or not, depending on how long it takes you to read our content after publication), so we thought we would celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year in the only way we know how: By coldly analyzing fascinating statistics pertaining to human mating habits. We asked our readers to put together some factoids on the subject of sex, relationships and such and offered $200 for the best. So let's jump right in and turn you into a certified Internet sexpert:

Entry by CZM

87% of married men who read 50 Shades of Grey claim their sex lives improved. They reported more foreplay, more frequent sex, and more CRACKED.COM com

Entry by WalleyedPike

34% of American and 38% of women American men say they sleep in the nude with their partner. Based on the survey data, it is suggested that sleeping n

Entry by Kitn

Isn't squirting beautiful? Science finally proved, once and for all, anything more than a Small amount of milky white fluid is just pee. Not only does

Entry by ulyssesdraco

Congested? Then save your tissues for later. Sina Zarrintan, a neurologist at the Tabriz Medical University in Iran, found that that the process of ma

Entry by CZM

Despite 90s sitcom tropes, studies show men like romance. Worldwide, more men than women complained their significant other wasn't romantic enough. CR

Entry by satn96

Curren studies show that men who watch a lot of porn are statistically more likely to be accepting of gay marriage The scientists suggest this is beca

Entry by lahoward87

I2/3 of divorces WOMEN are the ones to end it. Women are more cautious of entering new relationships than men are, and they're also more likely to end

Entry by lahoward87

In any given year, the overall likelihood that your significant other wil cheat on you is about 6%. Your odds improve the more religious you are, the

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